The Process

The 7-step guide to claiming

Step 1

Prepare personal Illustration.

Step 2

Sign Engagement Letter

Step 3

Provide information on your property

Step 4

Due diligence to confirm entitlement to claim

Step 5

Survey to identify, log and value plant and machinery

Step 6

Produce report and liaise with your accountant to obtain agreement

Step 7

Submit your report to HMRC


We use Specialist Plant & Machinery surveyors to provide an unbiased valuation of the qualifying assets within your property. For a multi-occupancy property, this will typically take an hour or so. We need to do this in order to identify, log and value the Plant & Machinery assets within. This, along with some further basic information we require and a due diligence undertaking confirming entitlement to claim, is then processed through our system to generate an HMRC compliant claim report. The report generated is of a format commonly accepted by HMRC and highlights the applied legislation, confirmation of ownership and scope of the report. The assets identified are categorised and valued.